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Step by step solar installation process

Posted by SPD on 06 18

You've decided to go with solar, but you're unsure of how to get there. Installing a solar panel system doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a step by step breakdown of the installation process:

1. Do your research

Do your research before investing in solar to make sure you find… Read More

How to determine the best solar panel orientation for your property

Posted by SPD on 06 18

​When designing your solar power system, there are several factors that will impact on how much power you can produce. Put simply, the more sunlight your panels receive the more power you will produce and the less you will have to pay for. The positioning (orientation) of the panels is… Read More

Maximise your solar power and save

Posted by SPD on 06 18

G​et more value from your rooftop solar power with battery storage systems that allow you to use more of what your gridconnect system produces.

Master electrician and managing director of Solar Power Direct, Paul Maiolo, says a solar battery storage system collects the electrochemical energy from solar panels while the… Read More

The case for going solar now

Posted by SPD on 06 18

​Investing in grid connect solar power for your home or business sooner rather than later makes sense as Federal Government incentives start to reduce each year from now.

Master electrician and managing director of Solar Power Direct Paul Maiolo says the Government incentives to consumers — in the form of… Read More


Posted by SPD on 05 18

​This month get 5 years extended warranty (total 10 years warranty) on Zever, Fronius inverters plus 10 years warranty on installation!

Click here for Terms & Conditions. Offer ends Monday 28th May 2018.


Or… Read More

Direct The Power Back Home

Posted by SPD on 05 18

​You can bank on solar power to reduce costs at home or at your business as the price of electricity continues to soar.

Master electrician and managing director of Solar Power Direct, Paul Maiolo, says solar power is a great option for homes across the world and it’s making more… Read More

What you need to know about the latest changes to solar rebates

Posted by SPD on 11 17

​In the coming year, important changes will be implemented that will affect the current solar rebate rules.

Currently, the solar rebates exist to add an extra incentive for homeowners wishing to install a solar power system.

This helps to ease the reliance on fossil fuels, making… Read More

How solar energy battery storage systems work

Posted by SPD on 11 17

​Australia is currently experiencing the impact of a true energy crisis, the squeeze of which you can feel each time you stare in horror at your latest electricity bill. You’re thinking that solar panels have become a genuine alternative, but you may still have a few doubts. 

For instance, you’re… Read More

​Solar panel head-to-head: Jinko versus Q-Cells

Posted by SPD on 07 17

Solar panels are one of the leading sources of renewable energy in Australia, and more homes and businesses are running on solar power every day. But not all solar panels are made equal. Different types of solar cells vary in their efficiency, size and manufacturing quality. According to, two… Read More

What is solar battery storage?

Posted by SPD on 03 17

In recent weeks battery power storage has become a major talking point, with many politicians and media outlets declaring it will be the solution to South Australia's energy insecurity. 

This is no surprise to Solar Power Direct, who have been installing battery storage in homes throughout the Festival State for… Read More

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