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Solar Pricing Options for Residential Customers

If you’re looking for a finance option to get your solar system installed now, while paying off over time, you’ll be pleased to learn that through our finance partner Certegy we are able to help you get your solar panel installation set up with the possibility of no up-front cost.

There is an option of 0%, 5%, 10% or 25% deposit – depending on your finance amount.

Term is dependent on the finance amount also however ranges from 12 months to 18, 24, 36, 40 months.

Repayments are charged fortnightly and the finance limit is $15,000.

Other Costs include your establishment fee, processing fee, account keeping fee – all built into total repayments – charged by Certegy.

SPD will lodge all the necessary paperwork, and once installed all questions in relation to payment plan is direct with Certegy.

Certegy can be beneficial for customers who don’t have cash upfront. Certegy will consider all customer types including; those with No drivers licence, Self Funded Retirees, Part time employed, those on carers pension/widows pension/disability pension.

Contact us today for more information on our Residential Solar Finance Options.

Solar Pricing Options for Business Customers

For commercial properties and business owners we offer a solar panel Leasing Option.

It is possible for eligible businesses and commercial properties to engage in commercial solar panel leasing to help with the cost of installing a commercial sized solar power system that will generate its own electricity and save the business money long term.

Commercial solar panel leasing is provided by the Solar Finance Division of Asset Partners and if you are interested in leasing solar panels for your office, Solar Power Direct can provide the initial cost estimate and check the eligibility of your business and/or property.

Solar Panel Leasing Criteria:

  • You must have been in business for 3+ years
  • Director must own a property of some sort – whether in the business name or privately
  • Minimum spend of $10,000 including GST on solar system

The repayments calculated by us are an estimate and once you decide to proceed, then Solar finance comes on board and finalises all the costs and completes the necessary paperwork.

Lease Term: 5 years / –60 months

The solar lease is a chattel lease – which means the customer owns the asset at the point of entering the agreement – not once the asset is paid for.

  • Monthly instalments, theses do not include GST
  • Application fee – payable to Solar Finance $385
  • No financials are required for a lease amount less than $50,000

Benefits of Leasing Solar panels:

  • Able to pay by monthly instalment
  • Benefits your cash flow
  • Asset type is financier approved
  • Reseller is financier approved
  • You own the asset on delivery
  • Chattel mortgages are more favourable, and more understood by businesses
  • GST of asset is claimed up front, no GST on instalment – great for cash flow!

How to get started with Solar Panel Leasing

If you are thinking about getting a solar system for your businesses and are considering financing your installation by leasing solar panels, contact solar power direct today and we can help you work out the best system for your needs and begin the lease application process with you.

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